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The Truth About Going Blonde

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Sometimes you feel daring. You want an extreme change to your look that will make you feel like a new person. Majority of the times, people turn towards their hair for giving them that new sense of identity and spirit. Some may choose to chop it off, some to style it differently and some may choose to change the color of their hair. They go from one extreme to another. It is easy to think of such a change and decide to do; the process, however, can be quite different from what you imagine it to be. Here is everything you need to know and consider before you decide opting for blond highlight or a blonde hair color.

The preparation

Preparing for going completely blonde is one that can often be an eye opener. People assume that directly applying blonde dye will help achieve the look they desire. The reality, however, is quite different.

In order to go as light as blonde, stylists will often have to remove all color from your hair. Meaning, they will have to bleach it. This process will, most surely, cause a degree of damage to your hair. It will be up to you to decide if it is worth it. Often, it can lead to hair thinning and breaking as well because bleaching is a harsh chemical process. If your hair is already damaged, you may want to refrain from making it worse.

The process

After you have decided whether to proceed or not, you will have to schedule many appointments. A drastic hair color shift can take time. Usually it takes about four to six weeks, a few hours per appointment, for each customer who want to go ahead with blonde hair color.

The process will also require immense amounts of patience. No stylist will ever opt for getting you done within the first session. It usually take a while before your hair is at your desired lightness. Additionally, you also have to give your hair time to recover from this extensive process. Fastening the pace will only cause more damage that could have been easily prevented.

Lastly, going blonde can also take a toll on your wallet. Even after the entire process has been completed, you will still need to visit the salon for touch ups and maintenance of your blonde highlights or hair color.

The outcome and aftermath

Even after you have gone through with lightening your hair, as mentioned above, you will have to revisit the salon for maintaining that hair.

Additionally, you may not always get the look you wanted. When you go to a stylist, they can give you suggestions on which kind of blonde will look good on you; honey, platinum, dirty, golden, brown, silver, strawberry bond or even blonde highlights only. You should into account their suggestion as not only are they looking out for the health of your hair but they also have a keen sense of what will look good on your face.

Hair care for those who have gone blonde is also intensive. They need sensitive –often purple– shampoos that maintain the hair color, leave in conditioners and need to reduce exposure to heat. Thus, before you decide to go blonde, take into consideration all the factors listed above.

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