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Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions in denver highlands

One of the most ground-breaking innovations in the hair industry thus far is hair extensions. They have transformed the lives of millions of women and the use of them is super easy and convenient, without causing any damage to your original hair. Hair extensions are used for various reasons including length, volume, and some experiments also. If you’re unsure of whether or not you want to dye your hair, you can always apply some temporary colored extensions and see if the color really suits you. Similarly, if you’ve recently gotten a haircut that did not exactly turn out as you would’ve liked it to be and you’re already missing your long hair, hair extensions are the perfect way to fix all sorts of blunders. Either way you can visit Miya Salon & Spa for a free hair extension consulatation.

Types of hair extensions

There are numerous types of hair extensions available in the market that you can choose from depending on your budget and your preferred level of convenience. The first choice you have are the Clip-in extensions. These are the least permanent type of extensions and they are easily removable once you’ve made it through the day. The method used to install them is completely damage-free because they do not require any sort of heat, chemicals or pressure to be attached to your hair. As the name suggests, they only have to be “clipped-in” to your existing hair strands providing the extra length and volume. You can eve wash, shampoo and brush them with your original hair and they will not lose their place. On average, clip-ins can last anywhere between 3-6 months and eve longer if taken better care of.

Tape-in extensions are another type that are commonly used all around the world. These extensions come with a piece of tape on both ends which is then taped onto your natural hair. Tape-ins are recommended to be applied by a hairdresser because they require heat to melt the glue in order to properly stick them on and align them with the roots. This method usually does cause some damage to your hair because of the glue that is used with the roots. Additionally, when you have tape-ins in your hair, you have to be careful while washing and even brushing your hair as to not cause the extensions to slip from their place. Special shampoos and conditioners are recommended to ensure a relatively long life for the extensions and special care needs to be put into the roots when styling your hair.

Another extension installation that requires the use of glue and heat is the Keratin-Bonded extensions. These extensions are applied to different sections of the hair using a special keratin glue which is then heated up using a special heating tool to secure them into place. These extensions can also last up to 3-6 months and can be washed and brushed while being blended with your natural hair, provided that you be careful around the roots as to not cause any slip-offs.

A rather different and more complex type of hair extensions are the Fusion/i-Tip extensions. These extensions comes as separate stands of hair with a micro-bead attached to the tip. This tip is then clamped to secure the extensions with your natural hair and held in place. The beads are not difficult to hide under the hair and there is absolutely no use of any sort of heat, chemicals or glue.  

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