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About Us

Our Story

There’s one thing that each and everyone associated with Miya Salon & Spa associates it with; eco-friendliness and customer service. Starting out in 2017, Miya Salon & Spa was the brainchild of Babu and Deborah, two gifted individuals who believe in the sanctity of our eco-system, wishing to preserve it and delivering high-end customer service.

Miya Salon & Spa is an eco-friendly salon that aspires to provide sustainable products and a sustainable environment. For that end, each and every product that Miya utilizes is sustainable, with not a single one of them posing any harm whatsoever to the environment and the ecosystem.

Furthermore, customer satisfaction is vital to the salon. Customer attention and dedication is deeply rooted in each stylist. Miya focuses on delivering products to customers that will not cause harm or damage to the hair or skin. In addition, each product is chosen wisely based on ingredients that cares for the over-all health and without harm for each customer.

To help achieve our dream of providing eco-friendly salon and spa services, Miya has partnered with Davines and happen to be a Davines exclusive salon.

How Our Identity as a Davines Exclusive Salon Helps Us

Davines is one of the leaders of the cosmetic industry and has reached that place by providing cutting-edge products that mix creativity with originality. Davines is all about providing quality, not just in products, but also in concept and ideas that they ship out to beauty professionals worldwide in order to enable them to give their clients new and improved experiences. It is exactly those qualities that attracted Miya Salon & Spa towards Davines and propelled us to become a Davines Exclusive Salon.

Much like Davines, creativity is the backbone of everything we do at Miya. It governs us and inspires us. Every one working at Miya is constantly thinking of new ways to create products and experiences for our customers, and give them results that they are bound to remember for a long time. Moreover, another major part of Miya’s ideology is to create beauty organically. We are firm believers in the beauty of this world and consider that to be the main source of all that we develop at Miya.

Miya Salon & Spa does not just take away from the Earth without returning anything. We believe in the sanctity of the Earth and contribute to its health by recycling. We give the Earth back whatever we owe to it, with each and every single one of our products being wholly eco-friendly and meeting every single demand that recycling requires.

The Founders

Miya Salon & Spa is a venture started out by Babu and Deborah. The latter is the creative force behind Miya. Having started out in the beauty industry in 2007 while following her passion, Deborah was immediately allured by sustainable products such as those of Davines and more. Her focus soon became drawn towards the ingredients in beauty products and their impact on the environment.

Babu has accumulated three engineering degrees over his long career as a professional businessman, having spent 15 years as an entrepreneur. He provides the analytics which combine with Deborah’s creativity and create the propelling eco-friendly force that powers Miya forward. It’s a match made for success and it shows in each and every single product and service that Miya Salon & Spa offers.

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