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Blowout when you Go Out!

Blowout salon

Do you have a wedding to go to but can’t decide what to do with your hair? Are you running short of time and your hair is far from getting done? Worry no more, go to your nearest salon and get a quick blowout! A blowout is a form of styling your hair after wash using a blow-drier to achieve a sleek look without any involvement of a  

curling iron or a straightener. Be it a wedding or any party on the weekend, it is very useful for you to get your hair blown out a day or two before the event for the perfect, effortless look that is sure to make heads turn. No matter the length, texture and color of your hair, a blowout looks perfect on anybody!

How it’s done

Once the hair is wet, each section is separated and lifted off the scalp individually in order to prevent your hair from getting oily and also providing that extra lift of volume that can really transform your appearance.

A blowout can last two or more days easily and this makes it the perfect solution for people who are busy working in their daily lives and do not have the time to go to the salon every day to get their hair styled. A blowout can give you an attractive appearance for up to three days which is why it the go-to styling method for many women across the world.

A blowout is also notorious for executing far less damage to your hair than a traditional straightening or curling method. The use of thermal brushes negates the need to use any other source of heat so that the hair is protected and no excess moisture is lost.  A blowout uses the steam from the wet hair to use as a straightening tool.

As less damaging as a blowout is for your hair, there is still a need to use proper thermal resistant hair so that you can minimize the damage. Additionally, using proper products as recommended by your stylist can also help make the blowout last longer and hold your hair in place for a couple more days. Moreover, the use of dry-shampoos and other serums post blowout can help absorb any oil from your scalp in order to prevent the hair from getting oily. Talk to your stylist about what products best suit your hair and its texture and the frequency that you need to use them with and you will have the perfect solution to all sorts of hair styling problems. 


Getting a blowout takes less of your time than what you would spend otherwise on trying to manage your unruly, long and thick hair. Furthermore, it is a great way to relax and get yourself pampered once a week when you’ve spent the whole week working without paying any attention to yourself. Getting a blowout can make you feel beautiful and confident on any occasion and that is what makes it the most convenient and superb styling technique for women of all ages.

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