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What is a Balayage?

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Despite being one of the hair styles that has been around for years and years, balayage is a bleaching technique that has made a recent comeback. It is what all the celebrities are going for. It is what anybody who wants a natural, soft sun kissed look is going for.

When opting for a balayage, it is always important to go to an experienced professional who can achieve the soft transitions with the hair color. They will know the exact amount of dye to out in as well as the duration for which it should stay in your hair. Our experienced stylists can help you.

You could base your balayage on the color of your natural hair or your skin tone. It usually just depends on what your preference is; you can opt for a dark or brown balayage or a subtle light or blonde balayage.

What is Balayage exactly?

The word ‘Balayage’ has French origins; it means to paint. It was a technique developed by many stylists before us. It involves the use of your hands to apply dye to your hair; you could call it hair painting. The fact that it is done by hand is what makes it so subtle yet uniquely noticeable.

The hand allows for smoother transitions to be made as it smudges better than a brush. Additionally, you can even control the exact amount of pressure you apply; this gives you greater control of the amount of dye you leave on. A successful balayage can give your hair multiple dimensions of color that leave it looking more complex and natural looking.

Is balayage like ombre?

There are many who confuse balayage with ombre. While the basic concept is true, the process and holistic outlook is starkly different. The basic difference lies in what ombre entails. Instead of a multidimensional look, an ombre is just the lightening on color as you go down the length of the hair. It is sort of a softer, more natural looking, version of a dip dye. A brown or blonde balayage, instead, adds different tones, even until the ends of the hair thus making it more complex in nature.

The basic different lies in the technique for the application of dye. An ombre will require you to bleach and the color to your hair the color you wish. A balayage, instead, will entail a hairstylist directly applying bleach to your hair, in varying amounts.

Which one should you go for?

Deciding between any changes to the hair can be a tough choice. A small change, like a trimming, can alter your look, and hair, substantially let alone getting them dyed.

If you feel like you need to reinvent yourself or that you need a fierce change in the way you look; you should opt for an ombre. However, if you want subtle definition and movement in your hair, a balayage would be your best bet. It can leave your hair looking tan, relaxed and fun at first sight. The increased depth added to them, through color, can also seem to increase their bounce factor and apparent volume. All you have to do is decide your hair color; a blond balayage or a brown balayage? Then leave the rest up to an expert stylist who will deliver a masterpiece. If you still can’t decide, book a Free consultation with one of our trained professionals to help you achieve what you are looking for.

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